NEO, EOS, Litecoin, IOTA and Stellar Lumens: Altcoins Technical Analysis April 5, 2018

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There is an all-round depreciation of altcoins. With Litecoin reversing yesterday’s gains, we are rooting for a retest of $90. However, that’s not the only coin under our preview. Stellar Lumens might follow Litecoin route and shed further with possible bear stops at $0.07 while NEO may inch towards $40 and then $25. Despite being in an ICO, EOS value might fall to $4 in the short to medium term if we base our projections on altcoins technical analysis.

Let’s have a look at these charts:

XLM/USD (Stellar Lumens)

Stellar Lumens Technical Analysis

XLMUSD Weekly Chart from Bittrex for April 5, 2018

Following Litecoin in the loss list is Stellar Lumens and despite decent gains in the past couple of days, the 12% loss in the last 24 hours is deterrence for longs. In fact, with our stops hit, we can wait until a stochastic buy signal forms maybe when prices test $0.15.

From the 4HR chart, it’s obvious that buyers are finding strong resistance at the main resistance trend line if those strong sell candlestick forming right at $0.25 or thereabout.

At this rate of depreciation, sellers can aim for $0.17 and $0.15 because from our Stellar Lumens analysis, those are our key and immediate support lines.

After all, this is the weekly chart trend and if $0.15 doesn’t hold, then the slide towards $0.07 or August 2017 highs is a real possibility.


IOTA Technical Analysis

IOTUSD Weekly Chart from BitFinex for April 5, 2018

On the development frontier, there are some plausible movements. After yesterday’s Ledger Nano S integration, we expect more important milestones to be hit in the medium term.

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Community hero announcing Ledger Nano S beta he has been working on for awhile. 

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Ledger Nano S IOTA Wallet Beta Announcement & Much more!… • r/Io

However, when it comes to price, things are taking a turn to the worst. We can as well begin with the reaction at $1.25 and the apparent drop of prices meaning IOTA is back trading below $1 mark.

As it is, this can mean sell pressure is strong. If there is a follow through today then I won’t be surprised with price action hitting $0.90 in the coming days. This level is our short term support with a medium term target of $0.30 being on our cross-hairs.


EOS Technical Analysis

EOSUSD 4HR Chart from BitFinex for April 5, 2018

Even with news that Tesloop shall add Tesla cars to EOS platform, prices are still down.

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Watch this in-depth interview of our CEO, Rahul Sonnad, who gives a behind the scenes look into the future of Tesloop and the mobility space. 

Thanks to our new friend and host @augustbradley


Fact is, EOS is down 6%. Even though price action is still trending within March 25 high lows, I think there is more room for a downside.

This gel well with the weekly chart trend. With a stochastic sell signal in place, buyers can exit their longs. Conversely, sellers can and wait for a close below $5.15 before entering this short trade with targets at $4.

LTC/USD (Litecoin)

Litecoin Technical Analysis

LTCUSD Weekly Chart from CoinBase for April 5, 2018

It’s no doubt that Litecoin vision is to be a go-to cryptocurrency for merchants. That’s an awesome vision that could benefit investors and recently Charlie Lee reiterated that overall objective.

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Aliant Payments@AliantPayment

An awesome read about @SatoshiLite‘s predictions for Litecoin payments! #PayWithLitecoin 

Therefore, it is no wonder that over the last couple of days, Abra’s involvement could be directly linked to recent Litecoin gains. After all, Abra is a working application which if it becomes mainstream will undoubtedly increase Litecoin adoption. However, as fast as the flash was, so is the crash.

From our Litecoin technical analysis, data from CoinMarketCap shows that prices are down 13%. In light of this rapid depreciation, our stops at $125 were hit. This meaning bears are right back on track now that buyers couldn’t breach the main resistance trend line in the 4HR chart. With this-and compounded by a stochastic sell signal in place- bears will most likely drive prices towards $90, the main support line in the weekly chart.


NEO Technical Analysis

NEOUSD Weekly Chart from Bittrex for April 5, 2018

News that WinQ is the first DApp on NEO couldn’t jolt prices and sellers are definitely on a roll here. Our stops, from our previous NEO Technical analysis, at $45 will likely be hit.

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WinQ is the first dApp on $NEO allowing you to earn $QLC through grabbing asset games!!!😉😉😉@NEOnewstoday @NEO_Blockchain #game #decentralized #dapp #GooglePlay 

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Qlink proud to bring the first dApp on NEO to Google play

We are excited to announce that WinQ dApp is available in Google Play now, which is one of the most important milestones the Qlink team…

If that’s the case, sellers enter the main bandwagon with immediate targets of $40. If there is a recovery, then I recommend buyers to stay off this trade. Trigger will only happen when prices are trading above $65 or the middle BB in the daily chart.

All charts courtesy of Trading View


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