NEO, EOS, Litecoin, IOTA and Stellar: Technical Analysis April 19, 2018

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Nothing major from the news and today I would like us to check NEO. As we can see from the charts, buyers are rejecting lower prices and like EOS, there is accumulation going on. I will look for buy opportunities in these two pairs and trade according to our previous altcoins price forecast.

Let’s have a look at these charts:

XLM/USD (Stellar Lumens)

It appears that after everything, Stellar Lumens needed all but a small nudge. It did came and the result? Well, as hard statistics shows, Stellar Lumens is one of the top performers gaining 10% in the last 24 hours. With this, it means its market cap grew to $6.4B cementing its spot at number 8. Besides the ever vibrant SE Asia liquidity and huge trading volumes, news of Novatti Payment integration was a boost. I really think Stellar Lumens buyers can build on from here.

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Australian FinTech@austfintech

@ASX-listed #onlinepayments processor @NovattiPayments has made a commercially-astute move into #blockchainpayments by integrating its proprietary payments platform with @StellarOrg  #australianfintech #fintech #blockchain

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Novatti makes commercially astute blockchain move – Australian FinTech

ASX-listed online payments processor Novatti Group has made a commercially-astute move into blockchain payments with The Stellar Network.


The daily chart provides a perfect glimpse of price action and as you can see, buyers are on top. Regardless of this strong buy pressure, proponents are yet to cash out and as long as stochastics remain bullish, that target-40.40-might be tested today. After $0.40, early entrants can look move their stops to break even and wait for $0.5 if need be.


Blockless, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t matter. Most of them are still making baby steps and IOTA is one of them. Unlike other top 10 cryptocurrencies under our radar, IOTA is laying the foundation for the IoT and world of device connection.

Yesterday, there were announcements that the first IOTA charging station went live in Netherlands. Could this jolt prices and help prices race towards $3? Maybe, maybe not but in my view it depends on the real life application of blockchain. That’s where real value is at and I see IOTA providing a feasible solution in an Eco-friendly manner.

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Sunil Dahiya@DahiyaSunil_

First #IOTA charging station is going live today in Netherlands @iotatoken @HuaweiEntDE conference,Frankfurt


Price wise and we are still trading within a bullish break out pattern after last week’s humongous candlestick. In this case and borrowing tips from our previous IOTA technical analysis, it will be prudent to take stochastics long opportunities in lower time frames with stops at around $1.5. Targets remain constant at $3. If not, you can wait for a break out above $1.75 before trading with the trend.


Whether EOS is on its way to $9 or not is not our concern especially those who got in earlier. If that happens, you will be waist deep in profits. But let’s not get too excited. There has been no clarification on this but is WAX attempting to get a free pass to Whale-dom by forking the open source EOS blockchain? Investors need explanation on this because it can wreck havoc if that is the case.

Anyway, to some positive news now and BitFinex with all their volumes will officially support EOSIO once their mainnet goes live.

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Bitfinex is pleased to announce full support for the upcoming EOS MainNet Token Swap. 

There is nothing much to sign about in our EOS technical charts and hey, yesterday’s EOS price forecast remains the same. From my latest deduction, this seems to be a well orchestrated mid-range accumulation and chances are if you buy on dips with tight stops at $7.5, you might turn in a profit. Remember, stochastics are bearish and under normal circumstances, I would recommend patience with potential buys at $10 or there about.

LTC/USD (Litecoin)

Those in the UK can now trade LTCGBP pairs and if that would help drive volumes up, then that’s good news. As it is and basing our forecast on Litecoin technical analysis, buyers are in charge and might even break above $140 today.

We have these strong bullish candlesticks that are now banding along the upper BB. I recommend buying on dips now that bull momentum is strong as stochastics shows and aim for $180 as per our previous Litecoin forecast.


Regulatory compliance over anonymity it is for NEO. According to Da Hong-Fei, the founder of NEO, NEO is a platform that develops technologies that serve the real economy. As such peaceful co-existence between blockchain disruptive technology and compliance with government regulations is imperative.

I’m beating the bull drums. As long as NEO is rejecting lower prices, I will urge traders to buy this coin with stops at $60 and targets of $90 in the short term.


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