Welcome to Wyckoff Stock Market Institutes (WyckoffSMI.com) official Cryptocurrency Trading School!  Learn how to identify winning trades by implementing the Wyckoff Trading Method!  The Wyckoff Trading Method was created by world famous stock speculator Richard D. Wyckoff in 1931, and has been one of Wall Street’s best kept secrets!  For 87 years, we have been teaching the Wyckoff Trading Method to help guide investors/ traders to consistent profits by teaching the only true form of technical analysis.  We encourage anyone seeking to increase their returns and minimize their risk when trading cryptocurrencies, to enroll in our Cryptocurrency Trading course today!

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Our course includes dozens of educational charts/videos directly from some of the most popular exchanges, as well as our proprietary charting software! 

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When you enroll in our Cryptocurrency Course you will learn how to identify primary trading opportunities when charting, that will help you identify winning trades! The best part about the Wyckoff Trading Method is that these techniques you will learn can be used with any Cryptocurrency or Stock! Any student who enrolls in the course will receive access to the course and any updates to the course for life! Over 10,000 students have taken our Wyckoff Unleashed course for stock traders since 1931, and now we are here to bring this awesome trading technique to the world of Cryptocurrency!

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The team at LearnCrypto.io broadcasts live to our students daily bringing you news, charts, and a interactive live chat with over 1030 students currently enrolled in our Cryptocurrencies and Wyckoff Trading Course.

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Our Wyckoff SMI Cryptocurrency course was hand crafted by Wyckoff Stock Market Institute President Todd Butterfield to provide the most comprehensive technical trading course about trading Cryptocurrencies that has ever been assembled!  With over 24 lessons you will learn a variety of strategies and trading techniques to increase your profits that will benefit your trading returns for the rest of your life…..
Todd Butterfield

About LearnCrypto.io President Todd Butterfield

In 1982, Mr. Butterfield graduated from the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute and was anxious to put his knowledge to the test.  Mr. Butterfield decided to enter the U.S. Investment Championship’s real money competitions to prove that he was able to compete.  The first one he entered he placed 12th in the nation, and every competition he entered over the years has been listed below. Mr. Butterfield began his professional career in 1984, as a Professional Stock, Option, and Commodity Trader with Rialcor Shatkin, Chicago, Illinois.  In 1990, he registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor with a very successful 4 year track record.  In 1991, he became a Financial Consultant for Smith Barney, Quincy, Illinois.  At the beginning of 1997, Mr. Butterfield founded Butterfield Capital Advisors/Butterfield Futures.  As a Registered Investment Advisor, he could offer fee-based investment advice to his clients, and as an IB he could offer futures brokerage services.  In 2017, he came on board the “Crypto News” channel to help educate and teach viewers about investing and trading Cryptocurrencies.  In June of 2017 Todd Butterfield successfully launched LearnCrypto.io, the first online technical trading course for crypto currency traders based on the world famous Wyckoff Trading Method.  Since its launch in June of 2017 over 940 students have enrolled in the Cryptocurrencies and Wyckoff course only available here on LearnCrypto.io .  In August of 2017, Mr. Butterfield launched the Cryptocurrency Private Client Group to begin managing clients assets in the Cryptocurrency space.  In 2018, Nick Hellmann joined the team and together they launched “LearnCrypto/WyckoffSMI” youtube channel.

1984 U.S. Investment Championship

“12th in the Nation”, 31.9% (Feb 1-June 1), 85 Entrants, Futures Division, U.S. Investment Championship, 1984. Below is the actual trade sheet from the competition. Click here to view Barrons rankings.

1987-1990 79.8% Annual Return Commodity Trading Advisor

Todd achieved a 79.8% average annual return, Commodity Trading Advisor 1987-1990 Click here to view Disclosure Document

1992 U.S. Investment Championship

In 1992, Todd Butterfield placed 9th in the U.S. Investment Championship $50,000+ “Stock Division” & 17th in the “Mutual Fund Switching Division”. Click here to view Barron’s rankings.

1993 Money Manager Verified Ratings

In 1993, Todd placed 4th in the Money Manager Verified Ratings “Low Risk Division” with a 28.1% return. ($1 Million-Plus Portfolio) Click here to view Barron’s rankings.

1994 Money Manager Verified Ratings

Todd placed “2nd in the Nation”, Money Manager Verified Ratings, 1st quarter, 1994.

2000 2nd In The Nation Moni Research

In the 12 months ending 6/30/00, placed 2nd in the nation, Moni Research

About Our Team!

Our team at LearnCrypto.io has dedicated thousands of hours to educating the public and our students in all areas of Cryptocurrencies!  When you make the decision to sign up for our Crypto course you can rest assured that you will have a knowledgeable team of instructors behind you that will be able to help guide you should you ever need any assistance!  Couple this with our innovative social learner platform that includes a online forum and discussion board for students like you that are also taking the course, you have a wealth of resources available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you complete your courses!


Nick Hellmann


Karrie Butterfield

“The content and instructors of LearnCrypto’s Cryptocurrency & Wyckoff course are both excellent. It’s worth every Satoshi. At a minimum, it saved me thousands of dollars. In the best case, it might make me a decent income. As a newly retired person, it’s tempting to jump into trading just at a time in life that money is hard to replace if lost. Indeed, I was like “a monkey with a buzz saw” and managed to barely break even during the great bull market of June 2017. I was ripe for losing money, since I was listening to the social media buzz. The instructor, Todd Butterfield, is wonderfully responsive and totally knowledgeable. What this course isn’t: an introduction to the mechanics of using crypto exchanges – there are inexpensive courses (e.g. Udemy.com) that cover that ground – but beware of their hype content. This course isn’t full of hype about IPOs and the “next big thing”. It is no less than a sound introduction to building a retail business or career of trading cryptocurrency.”

Learn Crypto Graduate

“Enjoyed the course! Learned a lot about Charting techniques, still have a lot to learn! The course is well worth the price! It will more than pay for itself over time. Thanks for putting this course together, greatly appreciated!!!”

Regards, John Ripic aka “Hondo”

Just completed the Cryptocurrencies and Wyckoff course on Learncrypto.io 

I found it a very thorough course covering how to successfully use the Wyckoff Method to trade cryptocurrencies. I have previously completed other courses that focussed on a lot of indicators like RSI, MACD’s but I have now taken away a solid working method to apply to the market. The course is well structured with clear knowledge, plus videos explaining the concepts and quizzes to test what’s learnt. I now feel much more confident in my trading and investment decisions. Thanks Todd! Method – CB

I can only see substantial growth for Wyckoff because we are still in the infancy of crypto and peoples thirst for knowledge. I’ve completed the course but I’m repeating all the lessons again (and again) until I’ve committed to memory the Wyckoff Method – AJG

I really appreciate you guys offering this course it’s amazing love being on the Wyckoff team. – JPH

Enjoying this course, easy to understand, explanations simple. – B

Hello! I’m enjoying this course a lot. Super excited about it. Love the Learn Crypto/Wyckoff SMI channel guys, what a blast! – O

I just wanted you thank you for putting the Crypto course together..I particularly like how the traits to be a good trader include many of the traits of being a good person..self reliance,patience,pliability..etc..the course has helped me to not get swept up in hype on numerous occasions..and to look at things from more angles than I even knew of..I am a lucky man for finding y’all…My wife and i wish you all the best Todd, Karrie, Nick..Already making money, gonna make some more…Thanks again – Arthur