ZCash (ZEC): The Only Bitcoin (BTC) Fork That Can Beat Investors’ Expectations

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ZCash (ZEC) is a popular source code fork of Bitcoin (BTC), just like Litecoin (LTC). The purpose of its creation was to address privacy issues that users of Bitcoin (BTC) faced and also to curb centralization with its Equihash based proof of work model.  As the weekly chart above for ZEC/USD shows, ZCash (ZEC) had a good run in early 2017 and did a good job at preserving its gains after the first ATH was reached in June. The price continued to climb higher in late 2017 and reached an ATH of $1,000 in January.

Since then, ZCash (ZEC) has had a major correction that has dragged the price down to $165. The price is currently resting at a strong support. MACD shows signs of an aggressive bullish breakout at this point. The VPCI indicator shows that the price has reached its bottom and is likely to shoot up in the next few weeks as the next cycle begins. While it is true that most altcoins are generally poised for a breakout and ZCash (ZEC) might benefit from an altcoin rally, there is a lot more that suggests that ZCash (ZEC)’s next cycle is likely to beat investors’ expectations.

When Bitcoin (BTC) came into existence, the biggest problems back then were centralization, double spending, inflation, transparency and control over assets in possession. Bitcoin (BTC) solved all of those problems with a single solution. However, the transparency aspect of Bitcoin (BTC) posed a problem for users and investors who did not want anyone seeing their transactions or the amounts of those transactions. This is the same reason millions of people across the globe hold trillions of dollars in offshore accounts in countries like Switzerland, Panama, Belize, Cayman Islands and Gibraltar. Most of these offshore accounts although legal are very hard to work with. Transactions are extremely costly and the paperwork makes it very difficult to move funds quickly when needed. An investment thesis published by Grayscale Investments estimates that if 10% of the Global Offshore Wealth is captured by ZCash (ZEC), it would put the price per coin at a whopping $62,000. Worst case scenario, if only 1% of the Global Offshore Wealth is captured by ZCash (ZEC) till 2025, the price would be $6,289 according to the same thesis.

ZCash Chart With Values

ZCash (ZEC) has held its ground not only against the US Dollar (USD) but also against Bitcoin (BTC) as can be seen on the above chart for ZEC/XBT. The price seems to have reached its bottom as it approaches the downtrend resistance while trading further along the triangle. Ultimate RSI indicator on the lower half of the above chart shows that the price is ready for a bullish breakout. Recently, a popular cryptocurrency platform, Coinbase also announced its intention to add ZCash (ZEC) to its platform. It is only reasonable to expect that after Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BTC) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), ZCash (ZEC) might be the next coin to get listed on Coinbase. As offshore account holders decide to move their funds to privacy coins and the overall demand for privacy coins grow, ZCash (ZEC) will continue to have a solid use case and can thus be expected to appreciate exponentially.

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