WhopperCoin: Burger King Russia Launches Blockchain Loyalty Program

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Burger King restaurants in Russia are set to begin offering a cryptocurrency-based loyalty program.

According to a blog post on Burger King Russia’s website, the “WhopperCoin” initiative will see customers receive one blockchain-based token for each ruble they spend in-store. Once 1,700 WhopperCoins have been accrued, according to the blog, they can be redeemed for a free burger.

All told, 1 billion WhopperCoins will be created and distributed – facilitated by the Waves token creation platform – though it’s not clear at this time when the program will be rolled out. A mobile app is reportedly also in the works, set to be released on iOS and Android platforms.

Curiously, in statements, a representative for Burger King Russia framed the program through the perspective of investment, rather than rewarding customers for repeat purchases.

“Now, [the Whopper] is not just a burger, which is loved in more than 90 countries, but also a tool for investment. Experts predict a rapid increase in the cost of cryptocurrency. Therefore, eating [a Whopper] today – a reserve for financial well-being tomorrow,” Ivan Shestov, communications director of Burger King Russia, said in a statement.

Burger King Corporation, the brand’s central corporate entity, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Burger King image via Rob Wilson/Shutterstock

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