Tradeshift Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium as Premier Member

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Hyperledger, the Linux foundation-backed blockchain consortium for enterprises, has added business network startup Tradeshift as a premier member.

With the announcement, Tradeshift, which helps companies send and pay invoices using its cloud service, joins other Hyperledger premier members including Accenture, American Express, Cisco, IBM and JPMorgan Chase.

In statements, Tradeshift indicated that, in joining the group, it seeks to explore open blockchain technology in order to accelerate innovation in B2B commerce.

The company’s CTO and co-founder, Gert Sylvest, who will be representing Tradeshift on the Hyperledger governing board as part of the membership deal, said:

“We’re excited to join Hyperledger and further our investment in distributed ledger technology through such a collaborative and innovative model. In an industry that is continuously transforming, we look forward to contributing to an effort that matches our own values surrounding community, collaboration, interoperability, and openness.”

Brian Behlendorf, executive director of Hyperledger, said the startup shares Hyperledger’s vision of building common blockchain technology that allows organizations to create and run robust, industry-centric applications and platforms.

The Hyperledger project now boasts over 160 members from industries across finance, healthcare, credit card services, the Internet of Things and aeronautics, among others.

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