The World’s First Perpetual BCH/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD, and XRP/XBT Futures Contracts

On Friday (31 August 2018), London-based cryptocurrency derivatives firm ‘Crypto Facilities’ (a competitor to BitMEX and Deribit) announced that it had launched perpetual futures contract on XBT/USD, and the world’s first perpetual ETH/USD, BCH/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD, and XRP/XBT futures contracts.

This is how the news was announced on Twitter:

Crypto Facilities@CryptoFLtd

We have just launched Perpetual Futures on XBT/USD.

And world’s first Perpetual BCH/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD, and XRP/XBT contracts

Use Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP & BitcoinCash as collateral to trade 24/7!

Sign up and trade within 60 seconds: 

A “perpetual futures contract” is a derivative product that is similar to a traditional “futures contract” but is different in two ways:

  • There is no expiration/settlement date.
  • Such futures contracts trade close to the underlying reference index price.

Before Friday’s announcement, Crypto Facilities only offered standard monthly/quarterly futures contracts on XBT/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, BCH/USD, XRP/USD, and XRP/XBT.

With this move, Crypto Facilities joins rivals BitMEX and Deribit, which already offered perpetual futures on XBT/USD. Although in its Twitter announcement Crypto Facilities says that it is offering the world’s perpetual ETH/USD contract, in reality, that honor belongs to BitMEX, which launched such a product on 2 August 2018.

Please note that there is a settlement process every four hours that applies funding to anchor the spot value to the Index; the auto-roll period is every four hours at 12:00 UTC, 16:00 UTC, 20:00 UTC, 00:00 UTC, 04:00 UTC, and 08:00 UTC).

According to Crypto Facilities, the XBT/USD perpetual futures product already has the majority of the traded volume on Bitcoin-Dollar futures:

Crypto Facilities@CryptoFLtd

Our XBT:USD perpetual contract now making up the majority of the traded volume on Bitcoin-Dollar Futures on the platform.

Learn more about Perpetual Futures Contract specs here: 

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Featured Image Courtesy of Crypto Facilities

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