Sidechains Project Pushes Ahead with Bitcoin BIP Submission

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One of the developers behind the Drivechain project for bringing sidechains to bitcoin is seeking feedback on the project’s code as well as two improvement proposals related to the tech.

In a message on the bitcoin development email thread, Paul Sztorc posted links for two proposedBitcoin Improvement Protocols (BIPs), both of which were dated Nov. 17, in an effort to begin getting feedback on the code developed thus far. The release comes just over two years after Sztorc first introduced Drivechain, marking one of several ongoing efforts to develop applications around the concept.

Sidechains concepts, including Drivechain, have been positioned as a way to test new functionalities for bitcoin without actually integrating them within the cryptocurrency’s code.

If implemented, they would effectively constitute interoperable blockchains that are pegged to the bitcoin blockchain. For example, a sidechain based on the transaction anonymity project Mimblewimble could allow for experimentation in that area that avoids the long and potentially contentious process of making changes to the bitcoin software.

 At the same time, some developers have criticized the sidechains concepts, arguing that they, if introduced, could create new vulnerabilities in the system and lead to a less secure network.

For now, the BIPs put forward by the Drivechain developers are available for review – “The most helpful review will probably take place on GitHub,” Sztorc wrote in the email thread – and as he indicated, neither have been granted formal BIP status.

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