Night of the Living HODLers: Halloween 2018’s Best Crypto Costumes

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The cryptocurrency and blockchain communities got into the Halloween spirit this week – and as shown on social media, more than a few people went out in style.

Last year saw costume takes such as “Bitcoin Bubble Boy” and a real-life private key, and that kind of imaginative spirit was on full display for 2018.

This year’s Halloween also marked the 10-year anniversary of the release of the bitcoin white paper. In 2008, the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, first circulated the paper among a list of influential cryptographers – thus setting the stage for the cryptocurrency’s formal launch the following January.

(For a range of perspectives on the white paper’s significance ten years on, check out CoinDesk’s Bitcoin White Paper series.) 

Given what could be called a dual holiday – in crypto circles, at least – his year’s Halloween costumes ran the proverbial gamut.

A Reddit poster named “benevolinsolence” used a black-colored bodysuit in an effort to create a walking, talking blockchain. The results of that effort can be seen in the photo below:

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In a follow-up post, benevolinsolence revealed an update to the costume complete with glowsticks for the occasion.

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Even industry startups like Blockstream got into the Halloween spirit with some in-office costumes.

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Keeping in the spirit of the double-holiday, journalist Laura Shin dressed up as the bitcoin white paper itself.

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This group of revelers offered a unique take on the term “bitcoin miners,” including both a hard hate and a live-price ticker for bitcoin. As a subsequent tweet revealed, the group won first place in a costume contest.

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Some costume-wearers took on the topic of cryptocurrency forks (with an emphasis on the breakaway cryptocurrency bitcoin cash) this Halloween.

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All in all, the crypto community put its creative spirit to the test this Halloween. And while the results weren’t exactly spooky, they did showcase its lighter side for a change.

Bitcoin, pumpkin and plastic spiders featured image via Shutterstock

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