NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Will Accept Bitcoin For Tickets, Mark Cuban Promises

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Mark Cuban, billionaire tech investor and owner of the NBA team The Dallas Mavericks tweetedon Tuesday, Jan. 16 that starting next season, it will be possible to buy tickets to the team’s games with Bitcoin.

The Dallas Mavericks won’t be the first basketball team to start accepting Bitcoin as payment for tickets. The Sacramento Kings officially started accepting Bitcoin for promotional products as well as for tickets as far back as 2014.

Cuban is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry. He is famous for not only investing in a digital currency hedge fund and an ICO but also launching the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency Mercury Protocol in August 2017.

Cuban’s view on cryptocurrency and Blockchain has changed multiple times over the course of 2017 — he joined the voices calling the world’s leading virtual currency “a bubble” in June, but by October was claiming cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the future.

In addition, Cuban included a tip to invest 10% of your life savings in Bitcoin in his video guide on ‘how to get rich’.

“If you’re a true adventurer and you really want to throw the Hail Mary, you might take 10 percent and put it in Bitcoin or Ethereum,” Cuban noted in the video.

While the cryptocurrency market is undergoing a difficult period, the fact that billionaire investors like Cuban, Thiel and Zuckerberg recognize the prospects of Bitcoin is a sign of potential future growth.

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