ETF Firm REX Seeks SEC Approval for Bitcoin Derivatives Fund

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An ETF firm based in Connecticut is launching a new fund that will invest in bitcoin-based derivatives and other exchange products, public records reveal.

REX ETFs, founded in 2014, filed to create the “REX Bitcoin Strategy Fund” yesterday, according to a new filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Instead of investing directly in the cryptocurrency itself, the fund intends to buy bitcoin tied futures contracts and exchange-traded notes, among other areas, in a bid to create exposure to market.

The firm’s initial prospectus states:

“The Fund does not expect to invest directly in bitcoin. Instead, the Fund will invest directly or indirectly in financial instruments that provide exposure to the price movements of bitcoin, including futures contracts linked to the price of bitcoin or an index thereof and that are traded and/or listed in the United States (“Bitcoin Futures”).”

Ahead of the filing, REX announced that it was creating a subsidiary dedicated to the development of investment products built around digital assets like bitcoin. In statements, representatives of the firm indicated that it would look to create multiple products in the years ahead.

“We believe cryptocurrencies are a phenomenal innovation that will impact finance and investing for decades to come,” REX CEO Greg King said.

The filing represents latest effort to capitalize on the growing momentum behind bitcoin derivatives.

Earlier this month, for example, options exchange CMOE announced that it plans to launch bitcoin derivatives later this year, partnering with New York-based exchange Gemini – though the plan is still pending regulatory approval. CoinDesk also reported this month that US-based money manager VanEck is looking to launch its own bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).

At the same time, the SEC has displayed a degree of reticence when it comes to approving at least some bitcoin-tied investment products, as shown perhaps most notably in its rejection of an ETF proposed by investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The SEC has since moved to review that decision, though it’s unclear at this time whether the agency will ultimately approve it.

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