Eminem Raps About Bitcoin As Popular Culture Embraces Cryptocurrency

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A new Eminem song, “Not Alike,” available on Spotify, observes that “Everybody doing bitcoin” in a string of phrases describing contemporary life.

The song, which predictably makes extensive use of profanity and references to violence, is one of the numerous references to cryptocurrency in modern culture.

Eminem is not the first rapper to reference bitcoin. In 2014, Toby + Decap wrote “Welcome To The Blockchain,” a song declaring “Power corrupts and money is power.” The song said inflation is a tax robbing money of its value and criticized fractional reserve banking, claiming “Our money is debt /gotta pay it back more than a hundred percent.”

Rappers aren’t the only artists noticing bitcoin nowadays.

Hollywood Movie Planned

Cryptocurrency is expected to get one of its biggest boosts of visibility with the upcoming Hollywood movie, “Crypto,” which deals with money laundering, starring Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls and Kurt Russell. The film’s plot also includes hacking and Internet security.

Late last year, as bitcoin was making major gains, an episode of the U.S. TV show, “The Big Bang Theory” carried a bitcoin plot when the geeky characters tried to find bitcoin they had mined several years earlier, as recounted on Yahoo. When they finally recover the lost laptop, they find the bitcoin was downloaded to a flash drive on a keychain that has long been lost.

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Musicians Take The Lead

Musicians have been the most attentive to cryptocurrency over the years.

Tatiana Moroz, a singer-songwriter, last year launched a coin called Tatianacoin with an album. She originally raised funds in 2014 with the help of Adam B. Levine of Let’s Talk Bitcoin and organized an ICO through CoinPowers, her mission being to bring musicians and fans together using blockchain technology.

Country singer John Barrett in 2016 wrote “Ode to Satoshi” in honor of the legendary founder of bitcoin, whom he called a person who “came to save the day.”

Naomi Brockwell in 2016 wrote a song called “Bitcoin Girl,” based on Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” to raise bitcoin awareness.

In 2012, the singer Kryptina set a song to “Love You Like A Song” by Selena Gomez which Kryptina titled, “Love You Like Bitcoin.” The song extolled bitcoin’s virtues, including the elimination of double spending and encryption.

In 2015, the movie, “Dope,” about a high school geek named Malcolm talks about bitcoin being the only currency people will use. The character and his friends use bitcoin to buy drugs.

Popular culture clearly reflects the rising awareness of cryptocurrency.

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