Ecosystem Expands As More Partners Join Ripple

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The Swiss crypto wallet company, Tangem introduced physical ways to spend and trade cryptocurrency.“Smart bank notes” and “smart cards” are physical representations of cryptocurrency which could be carried and spent by consumers. The idea is that with a physical representation of cryptocurrency, people can simply hand the note over and make simple no-fee transactions.

If you keep the adoption and the spending of cryptocurrency in mind, Ripple and the financial partner SBI are looking to invest $15 million to speed up the number of Tangem Notes that enter circulation. The crypto wallet already has ATMs, money exchangers, vending machines and a wider acceptance at retail outlets on the horizon for 2019. The influx of money that will come in will speed up these plans.

The President and CEO of Ripple partner SBI Yoshitaka Kitao, has said that the product by Tagem is a key player in bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency towards mainstream adoption. As reported by ZyCrypto, Kitao said, “the Tangem hardware wallet, which is highly secure and affordable, is an important tool to promote the mass adoption of digital assets and blockchain. We believe utilizing Tangem will help stimulate the demand for other blockchain services provided by SBI.”

The two companies have been partners together since 2016 and their crypto exchange VCTRADE began to allow XRP deposits late in 2018. VCTRADE is also set to become the first regulated exchange for Japanese residents so that they seem to be pushing for the usage and adoption cryptocurrency from several angles.

The second largest cryptocurrency in the space has recently confirmed that their native token XRP, will be getting adopted by 27 companies, with 13 more utilising the xRapid system. Even though there are still many in the crypto space that will help companies interact with each other without the use of banks, the team at Ripple doesn’t want the public to lose focus on how XRP and the Ripple platform can help average people making small everyday transactions.

In terms of price, XRP is worth $0.31 at the current time of writing after experiencing a 1.71 percent decrease over the past 24 hours. The market cap for Ripple’s native token is currently sat at $12,928,723,260.

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