Coco Revealed: Microsoft, JPMorgan & More Demo Blockchain-Boosting Tech

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Microsoft is today revealing a new blockchain framework designed to make it easier to build enterprise networks using any distributed ledger.

Out of the box, the new Coco platform – built to supercharge transaction speeds and simplify governance decisions – will be integrated with a number of popular open-source blockchains and distributed ledgers, including ethereumR3’s CordaHyperledger Sawtooth and JPMorgan’s Quorum.

But it’s the trusted security capabilities that Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich positioned as key to making the platform more than just an improvement of degrees.

In addition to integration with Microsoft’s own software-based trusted execution environment, Russinovich said the framework can be made compatible with Intel’s hardware-based software guard extensions, known as SGXs.

As more companies look to convert these open-source technologies into enterprise-grade solutions, he further positioned the new platform as one that would accelerate time to market and simplify management after they go live.

Speaking at a press demo, Russinovich said:

“The Coco Framework is invisible from the protocol itself. It provides these capabilities – the high performance, the security confidentiality, the governance – built in.”

In the first-ever live demo, the framework resulted in an increased volume of 1,700 transactions per second on a private version of the ethereum blockchain.

The average transaction volume of blockchains integrated with Coco (short for “confidential consortium”) is about 1,600 transactions per second, and it features a built-in governance model that lets consortia members vote on all terms and conditions of a network, including when members can be added or ejected.

While the framework is capable of being powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing offering, the open-source code can be run from any cloud platform or on-site, the company said.

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