Bullish Fever: Positive Sentiment Flowing Throughout The Industry For The Future Of Bitcoin

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It seems that a bullish sentiment is rife throughout the industry this week as the past few days have been good for the leading cryptocurrency. Not only has it been able to break the $11,000 key resistance level, but it has been able to hold that mark for the past couple of days. Currently trading at $11,400 at the time of writing, who knows where the future will take bitcoin.

The dynamic within the market seems to be getting attention from big industry players such as Tyler Winklevoss who expressed his bullish attitude in that bitcoin is going to be getting ready for the next big jump.

On Twitter, he said:

A similar sentiment is being shared throughout the industry by many popular traders on Twitter. Over the course of this year, the continued printing of Fiat currencies by governments all over the world has made many people pay attention to bitcoin even more as a favorite Safehaven. Big investment companies such as Grayscale are buying bitcoin by the boatload and are indicating only good things are to come in the future.

That being said, this is not investment advice and we are not financial advisers. Investing in a cryptocurrency can be risky and it is important to do your own research before putting your money into a digital asset.


By Robert Johnson

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