The Newest Version of the Opendime Bitcoin Wallet Is Out

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Coinkite is launching a new version of its Opendime bitcoin hardware wallet.

The third iteration of the popular USB stick wallet, the latest model will feature a range of changes on the hardware front, as well as some adjustments to its software, a company blog post said.

Among the most notable physical changes to the device is an increase in length from 40mm to 47mm – a move Coinkite said would help resolve issues some users ran into when plugging in their wallets.

“The extra length solves an issue we saw with some USB ports that didn’t allow proper and complete insertion,” the post states.

Other tweaks include an update to the software’s Japanese language support, and changes to how the Opendime’s printed circuit board is manufactured.

Coinkite – which moved to shutter its consumer-facing web wallet last year as part of a broader pivot towards its hardware products – is planning to roll out the new device starting in September. Customers with existing orders for older versions will receive the new model instead, according to founder Rodolfo Novak.

Looking ahead, Coinkite hinted at plans for upcoming versions of the wallet, but stopped short of offering any concrete details on its future evolution.

“We’re working on some variations on the Opendime hardware. They will be the same concept, but different packaging… but that’s all we can say today,” Novak said.

Opendime image via N-O-D-E/YouTube

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