Reports: Investment Giant Fidelity Issues Job Offers for Crypto Exchange Devs

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US investment giant Fidelity Investments is hiring developers to build a cryptocurrency exchange, reports claim June 6 citing internal correspondence.

Fidelity, with its $2.45 trln under management, has allowed clients to hold Bitcoin alongside traditional assets, and is now reportedly circulating job offers related to building a “digital asset exchange.”

Specifically, executives notified employees the firm is looking for a DevOps System Engineer “to help engineer, create and deploy a Digital Asset exchange to both a public and private cloud,” according to Business Insider quoting the circular.

The move makes Fidelity one of an ever-increasing number of financial industry entities looking to increase direct interaction with cryptocurrency.

This week also saw Pennsylvania-based Susquehanna International Group indicate it would begin offering cryptocurrency services, initially in the form of Bitcoin futures, with trading options reportedly to follow.

Last month, global heavyweight Goldman Sachs revealed it had a similar roadmap for clients.

Fidelity meanwhile will in future seek to offer “first-in-class custodian services for Bitcoin and other digital currencies,” according to an additional job offer.

The company’s CEO Abigail Johnson has been an outspoken supporter of Bitcoin for several years, but along with other officials has so far declined to comment on the new initiatives, Business Insider reports.

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