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The Cryptocurrencies and Wyckoff Course presented by Wyckoff Stock Market Institute is an online educational course that teaches students how to detect and execute “Primary Trading Opportunities” which are low risk/high return trades.  You will learn The Wyckoff Trading Method to help you identify these trades and risk management techniques that will help you protect your capital when investing.   Combining both these aspects of trading and our teachings on position entry and exit points you will find yourself able to detect the proper points to enter and exit your trading positions.




Who is Richard D. Wyckoff?  How about one of “The Titans of Technical Analysis” Click Here

Wyckoff SMI is the original institute started by Mr. Wyckoff in 1931 and is now owned by Todd Butterfield Click Here

For the history of Wyckoff Stock Market Institute since Mr. Wyckoff’s launch in 1931 Click Here

Course Features

  • Over 24 full-length lessons   Click here for a FREE Lesson    Click Here for all Lesson Excerpts
  • Work at your pace!  Our course is ready to go when you are!  There are no requirements for how fast the course needs to be completed!
  • We continually add lessons, videos, charts as we go, and you ALWAYS have lifetime access to the online course.
  • Our Course includes many charts from various online Cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as short educational videos outlining Wyckoff Principles at work.
  • Access to staff via our “Contact Course Teacher” Button on every lesson puts you in direct contact with Mr. Butterfield
  • Quizzes after every lesson to help test your comprehension of the lesson
  • Comprehensive Final Exam
  • Certificate For Completing Course
  • You will also receive a FREE month to our Patreon/Discord paid group after completing course, as well as a FREE month of our proprietary indicator bundle at TradingView!!

21 reviews for Cryptocurrency & Wyckoff

  1. Barry Coleman (verified owner)

    Thanks for the opportunity to study the methods the big operators use to move and manipulate the cryptocurrency market. The Course offers methods to get on board and catch the wave of the big operator’s moves. I highly recommend this course if a person wants to develop an edge, learn the language, and have a higher probability of success in the cryptocurrency arena. I found the course challenging and well worth it. Once I got in to it my motto was “don’t give up, never give up).Very proud of my certificate of completion and proud to be an alumni.

  2. Lee Boissonneault (verified owner)


    Thanks for creating this course! It was exactly what I’ve been looking for to improve my trading. The presentation of the content was right at my level of understanding.

  3. Mauro (verified owner)

    Thank you. I loved the course.

  4. Coby Skelton (verified owner)

    By taking this course I now have a grasp of how to trade cryptocurrencies in a technical way instead betting on which one was gonna go up or chasing the ones that were already on the move. Every chart look at now I am identifying things I learned in this course. I still have so much more to learn but this is a great first step. I am hooked. Anymore knowledge I can get from you I am ready to learn. I think what I really need is to go through the course a few more times, listen to the show as much as possible and any future courses would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Trent Richards (verified owner)

    Mate I really enjoyed this course and learning this strategy.

  6. Unknown Member (verified owner)

    Hi, Todd Father, I loved the course, no doubt is really cheap priced,and I was very disappointed that I did not scored 100% in the last test, my bad. I will keep studying the method and watching the show, you guys a doing a great work and I have no doubts that the channel will be very big and solid support for anyone interested in cryptos.

  7. Unknown Member (verified owner)

    I do feel like the course was a a bargain at $200 and I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel like I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge from it. While reading the lessons I was able to recognize several mistakes I have made

  8. VapidAbyss (verified owner)

    Great course, I highly recommend it! Explains everything very clearly and is well laid out. Without question it’s a bargain at this price!

  9. Jason Mcdonald (verified owner)

    I think the course was very informative, it was great doing it, and Thank You!…will start it all over now and do it again as I will definitely understand the topics better this time.

  10. Unknown Member (verified owner)

    I can only see substantial growth for Wyckoff because we are still in the infancy of crypto and peoples thirst for knowledge. I’ve completed the course but I’m repeating all the lessons again (and again) until I’ve committed to memory the Wyckoff Method – AJG

  11. Omar Trejo (verified owner)

    “The fundamentals taught are solid and great for people new to trading.”

  12. Hondo (verified owner)

    “Enjoyed the course! Learned a lot about Charting techniques, still have a lot to learn! The course is well worth the price! It will more than pay for itself over time. Thanks for putting this course together, greatly appreciated!!!” Regards, John Ripic aka “Hondo”

  13. Joshua Burman (verified owner)

    Great course! I’m looking forward to seeing more charts, videos, and visuals as you indicated on the live stream. This will help the more visual learners such as myself tremendously.

  14. Arthur Mckay (verified owner)

    I just wanted you thank you for putting the Crypto course together..I particularly like how the traits to be a good trader include many of the traits of being a good person..self reliance,patience,pliability..etc..the course has helped me to not get swept up in hype on numerous occasions..and to look at things from more angles than I even knew of..I am a lucky man for finding y’all…My wife and i wish you all the best Todd, Karrie, Nick..Already making money, gonna make some more…Thanks again – Arthur

  15. Jori Koski (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the course. The only reason I took my time to complete it was because I was so busy with life. Happy that I was able to get through it now and I’ll be reading it again and again.

  16. Dustin Buchanan (verified owner)


    First off I love the course and I learned a lot from it. I do have to read through it at least one more time thought in order to get a better understanding.

  17. ervin pena (verified owner)

    The amount of knowledge you get for the price is insane and very much appreciated!

  18. Greg Owen (verified owner)

    When I started this course I didn’t know what I didn’t know! As I look back I now understand that my past trading gains in the crypto-sphere were sheer chance. I didn’t even know what a “stop-loss” was. How silly to be trading without stops! However, I am confident that with the diligent application of the principles taught in this course I will begin to truly grow in the ability to successfully and WISELY work within the crypto-sphere. Thank you for the opportunity to learn!

  19. Nathan Robinette (verified owner)

    Hey Toddfather, I’m a huge fan of the show and passed the Wyckoff on crypto course back in Jan. The knowledge gained from the course has been integral to my success as a trader and has lead me to the great opportunity of becoming lead analyst for Ironwood Research Group. If there is any way we can assist you or Nick in the future regarding research on projects I would be overjoyed to share information weve been working on! Thank you for all of your hard work and Im glad I could reach out and at least let you know how much you helped me during this year and a half long journey through the crypto space. Best wishes to you guys! Wrench gang 4 life

  20. Craig Nickum (verified owner)

    This is a great course for the crypto-trader. I have found it written in an easy to understand format and thorough in its content. That’s not to say there aren’t difficult sections to master but with study the answers are there.

  21. Chris Piazza (verified owner)

    I have tried to study TA for a few years, but until I purchased this course I had been floundering. I feel that I am starting to see the markets from a new perspective. I loved how this course takes relatively simple concepts like “supply & demand” to a deeper level so you can see the two forces in the chart and how price will react. Very happy with everything I learned and I will be buying the course for my business partner as well. Thank you Wyckoff SMI and CryptoNews for a great education, looking forward to future courses.

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