A New Decentralized Platform Helps Investors Enter the Over-the-Counter Ecosystem

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Despite its growth in the level of awareness, how to enter the crypto ecosystem still remains a mystery to a lot of interested participants. Most people do not understand how to or where to find entry into a market that is filled with so many opportunities.

To this end, OnPlace, Russian-US-based company, is creating a decentralized investor community for customers to join, allowing for closed Over-the-counter (OCT) assets to be introduced to the market turnover and to create liquidity for them as well. The platform will create opportunities for investing into funds of the fastest growing tech companies around the world with low entry thresholds for the average person to access.

The nature of the crypto marketplace at the moment consists of independent assets scattered over numerous exchanges and platforms. For investors who are new in the industry, this arrangement can be quite disorientating. Having to jump between platforms in order to achieve ownership of tokens and crypto assets entails a cumbersome and sometimes discouraging situation. Therefore, having all processes harmonized on a particular platform that gives investors all the necessary options at a glance is indeed a welcome industrial development.

Unified investment platform

The OnPlace Private Assets Tokenization System (PATS) protocol is designed to tokenize over-the-counter (OTC) assets for customers to invest into. The protocol entails multiple steps firstly establishing a marketplace opportunity window (MOW), following the MOW there is a selection of projects to be tokenized based on the criteria and communal discussions of crypto-investors.

This system will allow the community of investors to make decisions in a decentralized manner in regards to the further distribution and motion of tokenized assets. The use of the protocol will mean that each decision in connection to transactions over tokens will be recorded in a network with its own Blockchain and will not be subject to change.

Letting investors have control

Every underlying asset implemented using PATS protocol will be represented by a separate private token and endowed logic of decentralized management of PATS protocol. This approach is based on the idea of creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, in which each holder of a token can directly affect the asset and determine further operations over tokens via voting.

Thus, each decision in regards to operating over tokens will be registered in a network and will not be subject to change. Together with the managing and monitoring functions, PATS protocol provides autonomous safety of investors’ balances from losing funds during the emission and closing of shares.

This setup by OnPlace is expected to solve one of the persistent problems that have hindered the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. The solution that this project brings will allow investors to determine the closing date of an asset, add new assets for examination inside the community, vote for the emission of tokens of underlying assets or change the parameters of circulating tokens and produce equivalent trade of tokens of the PATS protocol directly, without using third-party stock exchanges.

This system enables the attributes of Blockchain technology by allowing investors significant control over the handling of assets that they trade.

Crowdfunding and token sale

Following its creation in 2016 OnPlace now has existing corporate existence in Moscow and the US, with a self-funded bank account of $200,000. Having established a team that developed an alpha version of their Ethereum Blockchain Contracts, launching a closed alpha for early investors, the company has attracted over $1 mln with their first wave of investors from a crowdfunding platform.

OnPlace is prepared to launch a TGE (Pre-Sale) in February 2018, providing customers with an easy way to invest into a number of companies from IT-related industries using business standards and cryptocurrency expertise.

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