Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Allows Newcomers To Copy Trades By Professionals

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A new ecosystem is bringing together professional traders, cryptocurrency holders and first-time investors in the crypto market – with the platform offering “tailor-made products” for each of them.

Tradelize says it has divided its software into specific layers, enabling users with varying levels of experience to find the service that fits their particular needs.

For professional traders who know their way around exchanges, Tradelize.terminal provides “sophisticated digital tools” that enables them to analyze data quickly without having to gather intelligence from multiple sources. The company says even seasoned investors are currently faced with vast amounts of conflicting information on tokens and initial coin offerings – leaving it difficult for them “to keep track and work out which ones to back.”

Its terminal offers a “familiar interface” allowing pros to make sense of the market – and more than a dozen crypto exchanges have already been connected. A wide range of risk management settings have been incorporated for individuals and corporate users, creating parallels with the systems used by pension funds, investment banks, trusts and mutual funds worldwide.

Tradelize.terminal is already in open beta mode – paving the way for the second layer, Tradelize.web, to be completed. This “one-of-a-kind environment” enables people who currently hold cryptocurrency – as well as members of the public who are curious about the opportunities it can provide – to replicate the strategies which are being used by top-rated traders.

The company says this would be supported by blockchain-based technology known as Tradelize.score, which would track every trader’s performance over a two-month period. Once these statistics have been finalized, professional traders would be given a fund of up to $500,000 to manage – and they would receive a commission which is based on the earnings of beginners who copy them. Some 80% of the funds collected via token sale will be used to attract and retain the best ProTraders on the platform, with funds to manage given to the top 100 ProTraders.

Anton Zapolskyi, Tradelize’s CEO and founder, told Cointelegraph: “Today we are witnessing how breathtaking the opportunities for generating revenue from cryptocurrency trade are.

“One of our major goals is to create a perfect ecosystem for the best professional traders, but our platform caters to everyone from seasoned professionals to first-time novice investors. We believe that Tradelize will play a key role in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency across the board.”

“A unique ecosystem”

Tradelize says its “one of a kind marketplace” is going to be supported by a “unique infrastructure” known as “Tradelize.brokerage V2.0” –  a suite of services that enables all of its users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies on several exchanges without the need to open a brand-new account on each of them. They would also benefit from low transaction fees which help ensure that more of the gains from their investments end up in their pockets.

The company strongly believes that the expertise and precision of professional traders could be the catalyst that encourages the mass adoption of crypto. Right now, the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has been dissuading many investors from entering the marketplace – but following the steps of people with extensive experience in this sector could help mitigate the risk. Another advantage is how cryptocurrency can be traded 24 hours a day, seven days a week – a far cry from the likes of the European and US stock markets, which only trade during business hours on weekdays.

ICOBox’s Daria Generalova, who is leading Tradelize’s advising team, believes this project has the right ingredients to carry out a successful token sale. She said: “Tradelize is the brainchild of veteran traders and finance experts with experience on the New York Stock Exchange and in angel investing. The company knows intimately what it is that traders and investors need to know in order to make educated decisions.

“This app is designed to attract the best minds in the trading world and has the capability to aggregate and share data on trading activities with anyone wishing to participate in the market.”

Quick to register

Tradelize says it has tried to ensure that registering an account on its platform is as simple and as painless as possible – with all users gaining full access to the platform’s services as long as they have $100 worth of TDZ tokens, the platform’s cryptocurrency, in their account.

In order to incentivize further growth on the platform, all participants have the potential to earn bonuses when they refer new users to Tradelize. Inviters would receive 10 percent of the commissions generated from the trades of the person they have referred for the first year – helping the platform to grow and prosper.

Tradelize’s presale begins on May 1 and runs through May 28, with bonuses on all purchases being offered throughout this period. Its full token sale begins on May 29, with a 10 percent bonus on purchases made before June 5, and a 5 percent bonus from June 6-20. The token sale closes on June 30.

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