Crypt2Pos – Enabling POS Terminal to Accept Cryptocurrency & Transforming the Payment Industry

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Crypt2Pos is a platform that allows shops to connect their POS terminal to accept payment in cryptocurrencies. The platform provides the much-needed solution for people by enabling them to spend their cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services, just like the way they would otherwise do with fiat.

With Crypt2Pos, it will be possible to exchange all mainstream cryptocurrency to any fiat currency globally where non-cash payment can be made by means of non-contact terminal. These transactions are cheaper, safer and faster than similar operations in any bank with fiat currency. Moreover, the salesmen are also familiar with this mechanism through which they can get their payment in the currency chosen on the settings of their platform. The platform is aiming to leverage on the huge potential of cryptocurrency payment market with its unique ecosystem.

The Background & Industry Challenges

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency payment is witnessing mass adoption worldwide due to simplicity and convenience, it is still faced with some challenges that hinder its adoption, including ambiguous legal status and the fact that most of the users don’t get any opportunity to pay in cryptocurrency.

Crypt2Pos addresses these challenges successfully by building a platform that connects shops’ POS terminals to the cryptocurrency systems for accepting cryptocurrency payments and providing customers an opportunity to pay for their purchases in cryptocurrency through an easy-to-use mobile application. In turn, the salesmen will get the payment either in their bank account or cryptocurrency wallet.

The Core Functions of Crypt2Pos

The Crypt2Pos platform is used for the following operations:

  • Payments by cryptocurrency at any point where POS terminals are connected to the Crypt2Pos platform
  • Transfers to cryptocurrency wallets or bank cards
  • Conversion of various types of cryptocurrency

The Salient Features

The platform is being developed with a range of novel features for the users who can freely access the platform anywhere through their mobile devices. The basic features include:

  • Payment for goods or services at any store
  • A favorable exchange rate of virtual money
  • The ability to make direct transactions, payment through QR code with minimum commission for cryptocurrency transactions. It saves a huge cost to both the seller and the buyer.

How is Crypt2Pos Different from Others?

The differentiating factors of Crypt2Pos are based on the sophisticated advantages that it provides to the cryptocurrency users. These advantages include:

  • Ability to make payments with the most popular cryptocurrencies, with use of mobile wallet
  • Usage of the best mining pools (faster transactions in Bitcoin)
  • Lowest commission for the exchange of cryptocurrency, and
  • Possibility of launching various financial products and services on the basis of the project

The Crypt2Pos Token (CRPOS) Sale

The main part of the ICO token sale, putting 350 million CRPOS tokens on sale, started on February 18, 2018, and will end by April 3, 2018.  It is to be noted that this cryptocurrency is not related to securities, electronic finances, or other types of money — this is the type of payment for system commission.

The Crypt2Pos team has been on the payment systems market for over 10 years. These are the former employees from banks, payments services, and other organizations in our project’s team.

To know more about the platform and participate in its on-going ICO, please visit


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