• 26 Lessons

    Cryptocurrency & Wyckoff Course

    The Cryptocurrencies and Wyckoff Course presented by Wyckoff Stock Market Institute is an online educational course that teaches students how to detect and execute “Primary Trading Opportunities” which are low risk/high return trades.  You will learn The Wyckoff Trading Method to help you identify these trades and risk management techniques that will help you protect your capital when investing.   Combining both these aspects of trading and our teachings on position entry and exit points you will find yourself able to detect the proper points to enter and exit your trading positions.

    Course Features

    • Over 24 full-length lessons Click Here For FREE Lesson   Click Here for Lesson Excerpts
    • Work at your pace! Our course is ready to go when you are! There are no requirements for how fast the course needs to be completed!
    • We continually add lessons, videos, charts as we go, and you ALWAYS have lifetime access to the online course.
    • Our Course includes charts from various online Cryptocurrency exchanges,  from our proprietary "Pulse Of The Market" charting software, as well as short educational videos outlining Wyckoff Principles at work.
    • Online Discussion Group to help answer any questions.
    • Quizzes after every lesson to help test your comprehension of the lesson
    • Comprehensive Final Exam
    • Certificate For Completing Course
    • You will also receive a FREE month to our Patreon/Discord paid group after completing course!!
    Who is Richard D. Wyckoff?  How about one of "The Titans of Technical Analysis" Click Here Wyckoff SMI is the original institute started by Mr. Wyckoff in 1931 and is now owned by Todd Butterfield Click Here For the history of Wyckoff Stock Market Institute since Mr. Wyckoff's launch in 1931 Click Here  

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  • 25 Lessons

    加密货币 & 威科夫 课程 Cryptocurrencies & Wyckoff

    课程创建人: Todd Butterfield (托德·巴特菲尔德) 威科夫股市学院所提供的加密货币和威科夫课程是一门在线教育课程,教有兴趣的学生如何发现和执行低风险高回报交易。您将学习威科夫方法,以帮助您识别这些交易和风险管理技术,从而在[…]时保护您的资本。 操作加密货币 (Trading Cryptocurrencies) 节课  节课 1: 加密货币是什么?  节课2:比特币 & Satoshi Nakamoto  节课3:前言  节课4: 供求基本规律  节课5:以市场自身行为进行判断  节课6:图表类中  节课7:买卖盘波浪  节课8:主力资金操作股票的方式  节课9:市场的技术规则与成交量研究  节课10:趋势线的重要性 节课11:图表研究-竹线图 节课12:图表研究-点数图 节课13:买进卖出测试 节课14: 改进  节课15:止损单  节课16:吸筹  节课17:跳越小溪  节课18:派发与派发后的上冲  节课19:威科夫加密货币波浪指数和乐观悲观指数 (OP)  节课20:推力指数  节课21:技术仪表  节课22:综合说明  节课23:市场哲学  节课24:总结  节课25:期末考试  节课26:词汇表