Blockbid Announces Launch Of ICO Backed By First Of Its Kind Multi-Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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As cryptocurrencies and ICO’s burst on to the scene, many users/traders have become frustrated with the way most platforms only trade in a specific type of Cryptocurrency. This leads to multiple login credentials for each trading platform. Blockbid’s newest ultra-secure Exchange will allow the trading of many cryptocurrencies using one single login.

Melbourne, AU – Oct 17, 2017 – Blockbid has sent shockwaves through the Cryptocurrency industry today with the announcement of a new Cryptocurrency trading exchange. Blockbid’s new trading platform, backed by a highly anticipated ICO is expected to launch its beta program by the end of 2017. The Cryptocurrency market is somewhat fresh and the current trading platforms leave a lot to be desired, with most only trading in one type of cryptocurrency.

Blockbid is an advanced software development firm with its team members boasting over 150+ years of combined experience. The Blockbid team consists of industry leaders in ASX trading, brokerage, blockchain technology, stock market research, startups and serial entrepreneurship. The Blockbid cryptocurrency exchange will operate on Australia’s fastest exchange network, with direct datalink connecting over 180 co-location facilities on 5 continents. A user-friendly front-end enables users to engage in cryptocurrency trading on the same user interface designs used by Facebook, Netflix, and Dropbox, while back-end interfaces are similar to those implemented by websites such as PayPal, eBay and LinkedIn.

During a recent interview, Emma Hoffman, the CMO of Blockbid was quoted as saying, “Blockbid was able to identify a huge need in this market for a trading platform that would allow the trading of many types of cryptocurrencies. Blockbid is being designed to help traders overcome three main issues; the inconvenience of needing to sign up to multiple exchanges, the unease associated with having coins scattered across multiple (and potentially untrustworthy) exchanges, and missed investment opportunities caused by time lapses in transferring funds between different platforms. Now with our new platform, users will be able to consolidate their many user accounts into one easy to administer account on the Blockbid trading exchange knowing that all cryptocurrency assets will be insured by Blockbid against potential cyber-attacks.”

Their highly anticipated ICO is scheduled to launch October 22, 2017 and all early indicators show that this token event will sell out quickly. Blockbid tokens are exchanged at current market rates using the ICO value of 1 Ether = 300 blockbid tokens, available through a commission-free marketplace. Each token can be purchased directly through the ICO. For each token purchased, the buyer receives a 100% discount off the 0.1% flat fee in the first year, and 50% discount thereafter – tokens can be used to facilitate as much trading as the user wishes during a 30-minute window. However, more tokens can be used to extend trading time. Early participants in the ICO will also receive a minimum of 8-20% bonus Blockbid tokens.

Blockbid operates in accordance with Australian Financial Services License guidelines. The product is in line with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act of 2006, which applies international best practices to deter these malicious activities in Australia. Therefore, the platform will be safe and secure, while being positioned for growth in a high-demand market.

To learn more about the Blockbid ICO or to buy tokens now, visit their official website at 

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