Whos lying to you and telling the truth? What is your friends secret and what is fictional characters one? Learn about others what you have never suspected before, while hiding your own secrets and become the most cunning player in the company!An interesting and psychological table game for adults and children, aimed at team building, the development of creative thinking, logic, intuition and stress resistance.How to play?1. Gather your friends! The ideal number of participants is from 3 to 14 people! The more people-the game is more interesting and longer.2. Activate the game and adjust the game settings. If necessary, you can add a fictional character to the game which will make the process more interesting, especially with a small number of players.3. Secretly from each other enter in text the real secrets of your life which no one knows! Regardless of gender and age, write facts from the first person in the male gender, so as not to betray yourself. Be careful! At the end of the game all the secret will be revealed!4. Start the game! Discuss who could a secret belong to. Listen to it again if necessary. Bluff, cheat and flip the script – no one should guess whether its your secret. Your task is to divert all suspicions from themselves.5. After the time for discussion, vote and mark the player (s) who scored the most votes.6.Play to the end and find out who became the most cunning player in the company, as well as who was the author of the voiced secrets!This is not poker, not games for money, but you should be careful: truth and lie, honesty and deception are always somewhere near!LiarGame is a party game for a company (3-14 people).




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