Inside the Human Body, an interactive human body & anatomy game for kids. Fully animated images bring body parts & organs to life. Kids age 8 up solve problems to understand how the human body works (younger kids would require adult guidance). Can you digest food? Can you make pee? Can you keep blood cells circulating? More than an animated dictionary this app requires childrens active input. Packed full of fun facts & information, helps kids learn how things work inside their bodies. TAKE CONTROL INSIDE YOUR BODYDigestive System• Chew & swallow food• Move food. Make it react with bile & gastric acid• Store nutrients• Bring poop to the anusCirculatory System• Breathe in• Attach oxygen particles to blood cells• Move blood cells through organs to arteries• ExhaleMuscular System• Move glucose cells from arteries to muscles• Create energy• Release oxygen• Move knee up & downUrinary System• Move cells from arteries to kidneys• Balance blood levels• Bring enough cells into bladder to make peeANSWERING KIDS QUESTIONS• Where does food go?• Where does pee come from?• How do I make pee?• What does blood do?• How do I move my muscles?• How does my heart work?• How do I pump blood around my body?• What are organs? What do they do?Inside the Human Body helps kids answer questions by letting them run the human body’s complex systems!FEATURES• Touch & drag cells to move • Tap to release chemicals• Zoom scenes in & out by pinching with 2 fingers• Click on hint button for help• Pan the view by pressing & moving with 2 fingers• Tap the pause icon for info• Press on cells to trigger actions• Clear descriptions of body parts & organs• Detailed, animated images of human organs• Packed full of human body facts• Available in English & French• Uses the scientific method to teach kids • Let’s kids discover for themselves• Kid friendly, safe designLEARNING FEATURES – KIDS DISCOVER FOR THEMSELVESBased on scientific evidence that we learn best through trial & error, Inside the Human Body lets kids experiment & discover for themselves.• In the mouth, work out what has to happen for food to be chewed & swallowed.• In the stomach, learn hands on how food gets digested, where it goes next & how we make poop.• In the heart & lungs, figure out how to breathe in & out. How to move cells to the right places.• In the kidneys, get to grips with glucose levels. Work out the right formula for making pee.• In the muscles, solve how to get glucose from the arteries to the muscles. Make it release its energy.!Download the app now & start exploring the mysteries of human anatomy & human organs!PRIVACY POLICYWe take privacy very seriously. For full details please read our privacy policy: MAKING SENSE GAMESWe create educational apps that help kids discover things themselves. Childrens own curiosity is our starting point. We ask the questions kids ask, then build apps to help them find their own answers.For great ideas including science experiments, book lists, fun stuff about the body & more, join in the conversation:Visit us: https://makingsensegames.comFollow us: us: love to hear from you! Tell us how you use the app. If you have ideas or suggestions were all ears. If something isnt working as you expect, we want to know. Please contact us: [email protected]




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