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How to play the Game? Touch screen control aircraft movement,kill one get one gold,kill boss get ten gold.The game has a time limit,At this time, your hero no sacrifice and gold reached the game specified value, you winInteresting play? 1. You can set up two aircraft attack or a single aircraft attack 2. You can buy the equipment to strengthen the vitality of the hero, attack, defense, attack speed, skills CD time 3. You can pick a random game flight equipment, plus blood, defense, and other skills to kill all enemies 4. If your hero series more high combat effectiveness is stronger, you can open the property page to view the heroGame Tips? 1.Boss large aircraft bullets have tracking function, you can release the hero skills (the lower right corner of the screen button), and then quickly escape, or you will be killed. 2.This game can enhance your endurance and reaction, I wish you happy playing 感谢大家的支持!如有任何建议和疑问,请联系: [email protected]




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HacksCommunity Team proudly presents its latest hack: Dogfight Lengend:Raiden-Space Hack Tool Hack. This cheat will add to your game 10000 Get 50000 Gold, 150000 Gold within just a few seconds. We have added 10000 Gold, 50000 Gold, 150000 Gold by default, but of course you can change the amount based on your needs.

How To Use:
Start by clicking the Dogfight Lengend:Raiden-Space Hack Tool hack button below.
Submit your User ID.
Select your current device.
Choose a number of 3000 Gold, 50000 Gold, 150000 Gold.
Click the generate button.
Wait for it to finish.
Sometimes a verification will appear, it’s random but you have to complete it.
Refresh your Dogfight Lengend:Raiden-Space Hack Tool game by logging out and log in again.

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