XXXX year.The earth has been destroyed.This story is a story of the stars that people who escaped just before their destruction came.Those who arrived at the stars went to explore the star with the starting team.But those who went searching never came back.People gradually came to call this star /a planet eaters/.A brave man who departs to seek the search team appears.You will manipulate that brave and explore the Cannibalism Planet.———————–The brave may sometimes pioneer the land where /temple/ and /mine/ can be built.A brave may sometimes pioneer a land with horrible monsters.A brave may sometimes lose his life in the middle of exploration.———————–Whatever result awaits, the brave adventures according to your instructions.Lets explore for the first time in the land to explore in a short way, lets explore the /Cannibalism Planet/ while devising such as long searching on familiar land!When a brave explores, he can get various cards.———————–/Equipment card/ available when you explore/Monster Card/ available if you defeat the enemy/Skill card/ available by the courage of the brave———————–You can combine these to strengthen the deck (unit).At the beginning there are few kinds of cards in hand, only monotonous units can be made.However, if you proceed a little, you will be able to have many cards.With those cards in hand, lets make a unit suited to the place to explore!If you die in the middle of the search, lets check the replay.If the unit is annihilated, lets look for a replay that will cause the annihilation.If you look at it and recreate troops, the next will surely work.By all means, please let your adventure depart from the bravest to /Cannibalism Planet/ with your hands.And please save the starting team you explored before the brave.Thank you.




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